Privacy Policy

This privacy Policy takes effect from the moment you use see this Privacy Policy.


Manbo Discord Bot

  • The term "we" refers to bot owners who has access to its own source code.
  • The term "you" refers to the person reading this Privacy Policy as well as using discord bot Manbo.
  • The term "service" referes to our whole provided services, such as Discord Bot, Dashboard, etc.

This Privacy Policy contains:

  • - What information is collected from server & user
  • - Where this information is collected.
  • - How is this information collected.
  • - How to request a personal data deletion from us.

1. Information we collect

Information you should provide in order to use our services:

- Per guild datas, such as prefix, locale, guild id, guild name, etc.

- For user who agreed to access our servers: user id, user name, etc.

Information you should provide in order to use our services:

- Discord Id.

- Discord Username.

- Personal Information such as level, currency, etc.

2. Where this information is collected

We have our private server operating PostgreSQL, Redis.

- PostgreSQL: Storing main datas; guild configurations, user information, etc.

- Redis: Used for temporary caching.

3. How this information is collected

Information you provide using the service:

The moment you invite our discord bot to your server, we collect your guild's information such as guild id. We collect your guild data to provide a better experience to use our services, such as discord bot's prefix and bot/dashboard's preffered locales. This information is deleted immediately when bot leaves the guild. If you want to use our services, this information is required from us to work.

Information provided from a third-party service:

Our service uses an Open Authentication (shorten as OAuth) in logging-in to our service. This collectes data about your identity (such as discord user information, including user id, user name, etc - provided by discord) and information about guilds which you are included/serving. This proccess is needed since we are able to filter the guilds you can manage, collect datas which our services can reach. If you want to De-Authorize you can simply log out of our services & delete an authentication from your discord settings.

Information provided from your device:

In our services, there are specific features to display user/guild's status. From this feature, we collect a data from your device; Your discord status (Online/Do Not Disturb/Idle/Invisible), your device size/circumstances to fit our dynamic dashboard to perform well in your device. However, this information is not collected in our database. For instance, your device information needed a single time when accessing our dashboard, it is all stored on your device through website cookies. You can clear your browser cookies whenever you want.

4. How to request personal data deletion

You can contact us through support server and email. We will carefully review whether there is a problem with information deletion and notify you of the results, and it will be safely deleted so that data does not leak to anyone. This process is irreversible.

5. Changes to Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be updated at any time without prior notice. If this happens, we will attempt to notify users before our new privacy policies are put into effect, so that the users can prepare its changes.